Curriculum for school year of 2019/2020

The educational curriculum of middle class is divided into groups:

A)Theme programs in Czech language:

In each monthly curriculum the children will be concentrating on different subjects connected with nature, seasons, holidays and celebrations which with they will be able to work and express themselves in a creative, musical and learning part of the lesson plans. Other important part is listening and ability repeat words, understanding the meaning of words and phrases, remembering song lyrics and rhymes, play of music instruments, practicing nursery rhymes,focus on forming vocabulary words and communication in Czech language. Other important part is practicing fine motor skills using constructions, puzzles, logical games etc.

B) Theme programs in English/Italian language.

In these lan lessons children will be focusing on development on social skills and conversation in English and Italian language. Fine arts, music arts and educational parts will be involving in these classes, including associations, flashcards, audio recordings etc

- Another inseparable part of morning and afternoon programs are the extracurricular activities listed in this document

C) Afternoon activities:

- These activities play important part of educational program and are used especially in a development of curiosity in children.

This year we will be included these afternoon classes:

movement: dance rhythm, correct body postures, stretching

music: rhythm development, musical hearing

fine arts: painting, coloring, drawing,using a clay, fine arts techniques

Afternoon activities will start the last week of September 2019.

All afternoon activities are included in tuition fee for the full time ( all day attendee) children, in case of a part time ( half day attendee) children the fee is not included and needs to be paid.

Extracurricular activities:

These activities will be posted on our bulletin board with sufficient notice ahead.

Educational activities:

Divadélko ve školce / Puppet show in our school

Halloweenská party/ Halloween party

Karnevalová party/ Carnival party

Hastrmánkovo jaro, divadélko ve školce/ puppet show, Water goblin spring, Health seminar

Other activities: 

Christmas show performance, taking pictures day,carnival,, school in nature, goodbyes with first graders, the end of the school show etc...

All school program is included in a tuition cost, swimming lessons are for a fee. Language lessons are included in tuition cost. Some extracurricular and educational activities are for free, some are for a small or minimum fee.

All year around educational program MŠ Piccole is Pesti is every year carefully assessed according the needs of each classroom. All employees of MŠ Piccole Pesti are experienced pedagogics, students of Pedagogical faculty UK Praha or employees with minimum of 5 years of experience in educational field.