Class Time Schedule

School and out of school activity



Curriculum for school year of 2018/2019

The educational curriculum of preschool class is divided into groups:



Morning program:

A)Preschool set up

In this set up children will achieve such a level which enables them to be ready for basic education at elementary public school educational system. Children work with worksheets where they practice correct pencil grasp, relaxed wrist, basics of reading, writing and counting. Inseparable part of preschool education is listening stories that are read or told to them, logopedic exercises.


B)Thematic program in Czech language :

Every trimester we will be dealing with more specific extending topics such as basic,cultural,educational skills and science familiarity and information.


  1. C) Teaching of English and Italian language :

In this program children will have the opportunity to express themselves in foreign language, deepen vocabulary and exercise their brain. Classes are divided into topics with specific units which supports vocabulary, verbal communication and ability to express themselves in foreign language.


  1. D) Projects

To the extent of monthly projects we will be discovering with the children the world of science, history, culture and nature.


Another inseparable part of morning and afternoon programs are extracurricular activities listed in this document.


afternoon program:

This program gradually relates to a morning program in a lightening form.

This year, there is contributed

a music lessons for preschoolers with flute lessons and movement games.

There are also swimming lessons as a part of afternoon educational programs.


All afternoon activities starts mainly the first week in October 2018.

Detailed daily schedule can be found here:





Weekly program will be listed always on our bulletin board in our school or on our website


Extracurricular activities:

These activities will be posted on our bulletin board with sufficient notice ahead.


Educational activities:


27.9.18 Divadélko ve školce/ Puppet show in our school


11.10.18 Návštěva Národního divadla v rámci cyklu Hurá do opery/Visit of the National theatre - Let’s go to opera

18.10.18 Návštěva Městské knihovny, program: První kroky v knihovně/ Public library visit - The first steps in library program


23.11.18 Návštěva Městské knihovny, program: Etiketa pro nejmenší/ Visit of the public library - The etiquette for the little ones


12.12.18 Vánoční představení, divadlo Minor - Christmas program - Theatre Minor

20.12.18 Návštěva Městské knihovny, program: Vánoce přicházejí/ public library visit- The Christmas is coming program


21.1.19 Návštěva představení, v rámci cyklu Hurá do opery / National theatre visit - Let’s go to opera

21.2.19 Návštěva Městské knihovny, program: Rýmování s knížkami/Public library visit - Rhyming with books

4.3.19 Návštěva představení, v rámci cyklu Hurá do opery/NAtional theatre visit - Let’s go to opera

11.4.19 Návštěva Městské knihovny, program:Velikonoce/ Public library visit - Easter program

23.5.19 Návštěva Městské knihovny, program: Z pohádky do pohádky/ Public library visit - Show from fairytale to fairytale

10.6.19 Návštěva představení, v rámci cyklu Hurá do opery/ National theatre visit - Let’s go to opera show


Other activities:


halloween party, school picture day/ taking pictures day,Christmas show performance, carnival,visit of elementary school ZŠ Na Smetance, school in nature, goodbyes with first graders, the end of the school show etc...


You will be notified with all our activity programs ahead of time, please make sure you check your email regularly and our closed group named Piccole Pesti 2018/2019.



Main school program is included in a tuition cost, but some afternoon activities are for a fee such as movement and ball games, flute lessons and swimming lessons. Language lessons are included in tuition cost.

Some afternoon extracurricular/educational activities are for free, some are for a small or minimum fee.



All year around educational program MŠ Piccole is Pesti is every year carefully assessed according the needs of each classroom. All employees of MŠ Piccole Pesti are experienced pedagogics, students of Pedagogical faculty UK Praha or employees with minimum of 10 years of experience in educational field.